Call for entries Expanded Reason Awards 4th Edition

The University Francisco de Vitoria in collaboration with the Vatican Foundation Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI announces the opening of the fourth edition of the Expanded Reason Awards. The awards acknowledge and foster innovation in scientific research and academic programs of university lectures and researches who establishes a dialogue between their particular science and philosophy and/ or theology.  

In order to keep alive an awareness and interest for the truth, the concept of the complete person must be put back into play. That implies rescuing fundamental existential questions arising from people’s personal and scientific tasks. After all, science is the answer that is born out of wonderment before reality, hence the confluence between these profoundly human questions and scientific work.


Distributed in 4 prizes of 25.000 €


Two for the Research category and two for the Teaching category.

We're looking for scientists with an expanded reason.

Moved by the desire to discover the ultimate truth about existence, man seeks to acquire the universal knowledge that enables him to better understand himself and progress in the realization of himself.

The use of reason, the so-called «expanded reason» and the search for truth in Ratzinger are found not so much in the academic articles that the emeritus pontiff has dedicated to the question, but in its effective use, that is, in how he himself has used reason to grasp reality. It is therefore a question of seeing how to use reason and see it in action. In short, of a use of reason that is challenged by reality, that leads him to be amazed and to know with truth.